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George asks…

i am an indian citizen doing my mba in uk under student visa,can i apply for US HI visa from uk now.?

hi friends
am chandra, am from india, doing my MBA in uk currently, i just want to know whether i have to go back to india to apply for HI visa for usa , or i have a chance to apply directly from uk. i heard that rules r now changed, for which i have to go back to india to apply for it , i just want to know if it is true or not. and could any one suggest me a best possible way to apply H! visa in my condition. if u need any more information then plz mail me n i will provide you.

Best Answer:

In order to apply for any visa you have to go back to your own country now. The rules changed last year.
Even if you want to continue to study here in the uk or get a work visa you would have to go back to india. Regards terry

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