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Question About US Work Visa Lottery

Steven asks…

If I win the US DV Lottery Visa for 2012, when will I get the visa and fly to the US?

Thank you my friends for answering !
YAK RIDER!!! Please! negative people get on my nerves and make me livid and I do not want to encounter anyone of them in my life!!! Please never answer my questions again! You do not own the US and you do not own the earth to tell who can go to that or this place!
Yes true but at least wish me good luck, do not crash me and make me disappointed. I am a good person and I have the right to choose where I can go in this world. I do not harm anyone if I travel to a place or the other.
My biggest dream in my life is to travel the world and I have the right to make that dream come true without paperwork and red tape BS! I am free as much as you are free! And even my American fiancee, we not going to live in the US when we get married, we are going to Ireland.
By moving to Ireland, I meant my fiancee and I will move there in two or three years after our marriage. So I am not craving for living in the US per se.
The Problem with tourist visa is that I am a newly college graduate and I am not employed for the moment. I run a business, but will this allow me to get a B-2 visa? figures. My fiancee cannot come to me because she has a obligations, professional and social.

Best Answer:

Not sure what the point is, if you actually intend to live in Ireland. Why pay for a visa you don’t intend to use, denying it to someone who actually does want it? However, no winners will be announced before May. No winners will be interviewed before October 1. People will be interviewed between October 1 and Sept 30, 2012. Assuming you actually do win, when you will be interviewed will depend on how low your number is. In reality, the lottery picks 2 winners for every available visa, because many people who enter will not be found eligible, some will have other problems and some will simply change their minds, so to make sure every available visa is issued they pick two winners for each one. This means that there will be winners who are never interviewed, but the full 50,000 will be issued..

Edit: well, if you want to live with your fiance/wife in the US for a few years, it would be considerably easier, faster and far more predictable to have her file for you on a fiance petition or an immigrant petition as her spouse. A green card is a green card, so it doesn’t matter so much how you got it, as it does simply having it at all. No one can say what your chances are of getting a tourist visa. But that isn’t intended to allow you to live in the US with your lady. That’s what immigrant visas are for.

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