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George asks…

which one is better: US Embassy in Singapore or Philippines for K3 Visa process?

I’m an Indonesian, I will get married to an US Army once he gets back from the deployment. I’m currently preparing all the legal papers that we need for the K3 visa so we could work on it as soon as we get married. Now, he can never enters Indonesia as long as he’s still in the Army so we have to get married in another country.
We were thinking about getting married either in Singapore or Philipines because both of US don’t need visa to go there. Then we found that Sgpore is expensive in living cost because I need to stay there 15 days before the wedding plus 2 weeks his leave. Philly on the other hand is easy on wedding requirements. BUT when I wandering around this site I found that some members said it will take a while if the K3 visa comes from Phily.
I want to ask to contributors over here..which one is better in processing time?
thanks for reading!
Mr. Yak thank you for the answer, but I thought the US embassy requires the applicant to process the visa at the US embassy in the country where the wedding took place?

ps: one of our friends (his fellow soldier) married a Korean and he’s able to took her to Korea in 3 months…how so?
Just asking though, I know it’s going to take a long and bumpy road..

Best Answer:

The K-3 is going to take a year to process. It is absolutely and totally impossible to process a K-3 visa in just a couple weeks.

After you get married he’s going to have to come back to the US by himself and start the paperwork. You will need to go back to Indonesia and process the visa through the US embassy in Jakarta.

There are additional requirements the military places on guys who get married in the Philippines. Unless he does everything to satisfy the military they won’t let him get married there. He should check with his personnel office.

You can get by on a budget in Singapore. There are plenty of places where you can get great food, cheap (Newton Circus, Zion Road) from hawkers operating food stalls. I’m just as sure you can find a reasonable place to stay, obviously not the 5 star hotels, if you just look around on the Internet.

I can give you 100 reasons why Singapore is preferable to Manila and safety is number one.

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