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Susan asks…

Need an US employer for Visa Sponsorship?

I am a 33-year-old male from New Delhi, India. I want to immigrate to USA. I don’t have the desired educational degrees so I know if I apply for visa, I would never get it. I work as a Medical Transcriptionist for a US-based company and I have more than 10 years’ experience. Currently, I am working at a senior position and my job involves interaction with clients in US. I cannot get visa just based on my current work experience and my educational qualification (high school and some college but that doesn’t count). I want to know about the employers in USA who can sponsor my visa and I wound not mind if that employer is not of Medical Transcription. Actually, I can work in any field (e.g. fishing, oil rig, casino, cruise, etc.) where I can get an employer to sponsor my visa and I am ready to work in any part of US, even in remote rural areas. In future, I would like to bring my family to US and become a permanent resident. I need help!!

Best Answer:

I don’t know how you combine your correct statement that you cannot get a visa based on your current qualifications with the wish that an employer can do the impossible for you? An employer would have to show that they can’t get an US citizen for the job before they could sponsor you for a visa. I agree, I don’t think that they could show that.

Given the increasing growth of India I would recommend to give your country a chance. Increasingly even people of Indian heritage start moving back to India to work there.

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