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Question About US Work Visa Sponsorship

Betty asks…

How can I get US Visa Sponsorship.

I am a Telecommunication Professional living in South Africa. I would like to work in the USA but need sponsorship, got 25 years experience. There are thousands of vacancies in the US but I can not get a job because no one wants to sponsor me.

Best Answer:

Obtaining sponsorhip is not as easy as it could be. Unless you have extraordinary skills that would be vakuable to the US Government or Industries, then that gateway is closed to you.

If you were able to invest $500,000.00 in forming your own company, and would employ a minimum of 10 US Citizens, there is a strong possibility that you would be granted an entry Visa.

The Visa Lottery is far too heavily subscribed to, to wait your turn to be selected in the annual draw. You have a greater chance of hitting the jackpot, being struck by lightning, or finding the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Your best chance of gaining entrance to these shores to be able to work would be if a US Company were to offer you a position with them, one that they cannot fill from native professionals.

The only thing left to you, and it is sure-fire unless you have been involved in crime, drugs, subversive activities, etc., is to marry a US National. In that xcase your spouse would be your sponsor and provided that you meet the requirements I listed above, and do not have or have had TB, Syphillis, or other highly contagious diseases, and if you are unlikely to be a burden on the State, then you will be just about ‘waved in.’

The SA US Embassy’s website should explain the rules and will visit every eventuality that militates for or against would-be entrants to the US.

Having gone through the process myself, but from England, I can tell you that they system is scrupulous and rigorous, yet fairly applied.

Think of the restrictions not as keeping the wrong people out, but as designed to let the right people in.

I just remembered that unless you have served a prison term in excess of two years, then unkless your sentence was for something extremely wicked, it will not present a barrier, Visa-wise.

I wish you well in your endeavours.

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