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Question About US Work Visa Types

Steven asks…

What kind of US Visa do i need?

I’m from Southeast Asia and I’m planning to take a finance related training program in Los Angeles CA.

The training is for 1 month, but there’s a possibility for me to be hired by a US company (because part of training helps students to land jobs. they assist in placement)

What kind of Visa do I need?

From what i know, theres a visa for ‘foreign exchange students’ but i’m not really going to be an exchange student. i just want to take this program in the US.

I also think that a working visa means that there is already an employer. the thing is, i don’t really have an employer yet. I might have, after the course, but its not a sure thing.

What kind do I need?
Pls help! thanks

By the way, I don’t have any kind of US visa yet (not even a tourist visa)

Best Answer:

For this training course you could use a tourist visa, a business visa, or possibly (but not likely) a student visa.

However, it is unlikely in the extreme that you can leverage this course into employment and legal visa for that purpose. The requirements for obtaining such a visa include the employer proving that there is no qualified American citizen available to take the job.

And even that is not enough. You have to get one of the very limited number of available visas; and the cost of this whole process is born by the employer to the tune of $50,000 on average.

Now if you find a company taht will sponsor you good for you, you may still have to return to your native country to make application. That will depend on the type of visa you have.

Sorry, it is not a simple matter to qualify.

You can get the info direct from the source at the link, which will guide you through the basics.

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