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There are many immigrants who migrate to the United States of America for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason is, it is mandatory for anyone to face the VISA interview. There are many visa questions that are frequently asked and it is good to read some sample visa questions before attending the interview as it increases the chances of acceptance. The article presents few sample visa questions for obtaining a student visa to purse masters in the United states of America.

Two sample visa questions are presented in each category


Q. Why are you going to USA?

A. For pursuing masters in science in the

Q. Why did you chose USA?

A. The education quality is at its best in USA and hence I have chosen USA to pursue my higher studies.

University Related:

Q. Why did you chose this university?

A. I have checked the course curriculum and it is what I was looking for. Moreover, the universities best matches my skills and profile.

Q. Where is your university located?

A. Answer this question accurately with all the details of the city and state the university is located in.

Q. Sponsor

Q. Who is sponsoring you?

A. Talk about the person who is sponsoring you. Say that he has so and so monthly income and show the supporting documents associated with your sponsor.

Q. How will you manage your expenses?

A. Say that you have your father has been working for a long time and you have good savings and a good bank balance. If you have taken a loan, mention about it.


Q. What are you going to do after you get your masters degree?

A. Say that you will be going back to your home country and get a job there. Support your statement stating that you can get that particular job in that particular company located in your country

Q. What if you don’t get your ISA?

A. Say that you are fulfilling all the criteria required to get a student VISA and you are sure that you can get it. Also say that if you could not get the Visa, you will try to find why the application was rejected and take necessary steps to succeed the next time.

These are few sample visa questions and answers that would definitely help those who are planning to attend the f1 student interview. Do remember that it is your confidence levels and the clarity of communication that are primary considered to grant a visa.

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