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The German Visa Language Requirement

Learning German: A Requirement For German Visa Applications

The German language requirement simply applies to those who will be staying permanently in Germany. One needs to clearly demonstrate that they have basic knowledge of the German language. To be more specific, compliance is expected from those who are applying for a student visa, fiancé visa or family reunion visa. If they will be staying for a short time, learning German is no longer necessary but recommended. This is most especially true if they have plans to migrate in the said country in the future.

Evidence of basic knowledge

Evidence of basic knowledge means that the applicant can write, speak and most importantly, understand, simple German expressions. They need to show that they can at least write their name in German or follow simple instructions. To prove that compliance is readily observed, applicants shall be presenting an A1 level certificate. This can be acquired from accredited testing centers. In the Philippines, it is the Goethe institute that awards the said document.

The exam is comprised of two (2) parts, the written and the oral part. Applicants are obliged to take both exams.

Learning the German language

German can be learned from the Goethe institute since it likewise offers German classes. One also has the option to take German short courses in other universities or learning institutions. Applicants may also study the German language via web sources and references. Enrolling in Goethe institute shall have no bearing over the application’s result and visa approval. The most important thing is to achieve the A1 proficiency level.

Are there any exemptions?

Applicants who have obtained their bachelor degree and demonstrate high possibilities of being employed based on their current language skills are exempted from the language requirement. The same rule applies to applicants who are citizens of the European Union’s member states or if they are married to citizens of such countries. In the event where the concerned applicant is a person with disability that would prevent them from learning the German language, they are likewise exempted.

On the other hand, if the applicant is married to a permanent resident who happens to be a highly skilled worker, company owner, asylee, refugee, researcher or has a “permanent right of residence” in other EU countries, an exemption is likewise observed. The same thing is true for those who are married to Australians, Israelis, Japanese, Canadians, Koreans, Kiwis and Americans.

Compliance with the German language requirement is a must. It does not matter whether the short course is taken from the Goethe institute or another, the most important thing is to get an A1 level grade.

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