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The Rules to Get US Green Card Through Marriage Immigration

There are so many rules which have been put on U.S. marriage immigration law. People or couples who want to get a green card through marriage immigration must be careful with document submission. To get U.S. green card or citizenship through marriage, you have to notice some factors.

Some factors which will be examined by the immigration authorities are about the age different, ethnicities or religious beliefs different, the present of witnesses at the marriage, the addresses separation, the children, and the inconsistencies of excessive documentation. If there is a small inaccuracy data is found, the marriage immigration will be denied.

There are five things that you must aware to get U.S. green card.

1. Prior To Marriage

Ensure yourself to enter the United States on a K-1 fiancé’s visa and ask your fiancé to fill out I-129F form that a part of a Petition for Alien Fiancé. This is very needed and important, especially for those who are not married yet before entering the United States.

2. Status Changing

After you get married, your K-1 won’t change to permanent resident status if you come into the country before you are married. Just ensure that your visa does not expire as long as you wait for your green card otherwise you will be dumped from U.S.

3. Passing Interview

After filling out and submitting the marriage immigration document, you and your citizen spouse will have an interview section. The purpose is to check that all the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) forms have been done as its procedure.

4. Receiving Green Card

If you have been checked and stated in secure condition, the green cards will be given by the immigration authorities, easily. If you have stayed in the country for more than two years, you will be given a permanent residency.

5. Outside the US

The nonresident spouse must wait outside the US for the document which will be filled and completed before entering the US, if the marriage has been held outside the US.

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