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The USCIS Marriage Interview – Tips to Become Successful

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) marriage-based immigrant visa interview is a part of the green-card process and requires attendance by both the partners. Unlike the common perception, is not very difficult. However, it can definitely turn into a grueling and painful event if not dealt with properly. In order to take out stress and anxiety out of this situation, it is very necessary to do a lot of homework and preparation.

If you too have been called for this interview, following are a few tips and guidelines that can help you make this interview a child’s play:

1) Make sure you follow carefully the exhaustive list of documents mailed to you with the interview notice. Gather all necessary documents and keep them ready with you in a file.

2) Be on time for your interview. It is worthwhile to reach the UCIS office at least 45 minutes before the time scheduled for the meeting.

3) If your case is very complicated, it is advisable to hire an attorney. Do not begin the interview if your attorney is not present with you.

4) Do not take items, such as cameras, pepper spray, lighters, matches, liquids, sharp objects, etc., inside the immigration building.

5) Also, make sure you are dressed predictably and formally.

6) Do not be in a hurry to respond to the questions. Be short and precise while answering. Neither be talkative, nor be silent for a long time. Your undesired silence or over-confidence can fan the flames of an immigration officer’s suspicions,

7) Do not make any sort of guesses as this can land you in big trouble. Answer what is true and is known to you. If you do not remember any answer, do not guess. Your wrong answer or a guess can differ from your partner’s answer and this can make the UCIS officer doubt that your marriage is not genuine.

The above tips, although important, are not enough. There are several other things that need to be kept in mind. It is, therefore, very necessary to seek the advice of an attorney or an expert.

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