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Top 3 Countries to Visit Without a Visa (For American Citizens Only)

Being an American citizen has its benefits. For an inveterate traveler like you, the best thing about being American is that you can travel to these countries without need of a visa. You just need your valid passport and a roundtrip ticket, a valid reason for visiting the country, and you must not overstay your welcome of 90 days. So, whip out your passport holder now, tuck in your passport and roundtrip tickets, a few hard currencies and your good credit cards and off you go!

Beautiful Bahamas

If ever there is a tropical paradise where you can just kick back and relax on sun-kissed seas and pristine sand, then the Bahamas is it. And the fact that it is only 100 miles off the coast of Florida makes it very accessible. You can either go by air through the regular flights to the country or by sea via the commercial liners.

Hot tips for you: Drive on the left, not on the right. Look both ways when crossing the road, just to be sure. Keep your passport holder and its contents safe in your room lest you take it with you sailing. The islands are peaceful, with low crime rate so that you need not worry about people stealing into your room.

Magnificent Mauritius

Mauritius, with its sugar-white beaches, turquoise waters, the Pamplemousses Garden and the Black River Gorges National Park, is a truly magnificent country. And you need not worry about accommodations because new hotels are opening, with new activities offered, too. Just avoid going there on January to February because these are peak cyclone months. Your best bet will be the May to early December period.

In addition to your passport and outward-bound ticket, which should be kept safe preferably inside your passport holder, you have to present proof that you can actually support your stay in the country. Also, you have to practice travel precautions, though your stay should not be too much of a problem with the presence of tourist policemen.

Stunning Switzerland

The natural beauty of Switzerland will leave you stunned, literally. Soaring snow-capped mountains perfect for skiing, charming chalets and castles with interesting histories to match their creature comforts, green forests worthy of a song, and beautiful water everywhere.

And these do not even include the world-renowned Swiss precision, efficiency and secrecy. If you are tired of grumpy service from fellow Americans, then Switzerland is a very welcome change.

And for those with aichmophobia (needle phobia), you need not have vaccinations since none are required! Just make sure the passport inside your passport holder is valid three months beyond your intended stay, but you should not exceed the 3-month allowable period.

And if you can afford it, you can always choose to stay at the more expensive resorts like St. Moritz in the Engadine area. If you are budget conscious, you can opt for the moderately-priced resorts away from the elite crowd, but still offering great skiing.

So, save up for your next travel to these countries and leave your worries behind, recession or no recession.

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