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Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card

The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card is similar to a normal credit card, except that it does not come with any of the credit provisions by the card issuer. The card limit is a pre-determined amount the you can pre-load or recharge by depositing money at a WesternUnion, MoneyGram and more than 100,000 other retail locations.

The Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card can be used as a standalone prepaid card, a non-reloadable gift card or as a prepaid travel card. Small business owners can even give them to employees or contractors as a payroll card, or to handle any petty-cash transactions.

Some of the basic features of Vision Premier Prepaid Visa Card includes the fact that it carries a brand name, in this case, Visa. It’s an ideal card for anyone if you happen to have a bad credit history. You can withdraw cash from any ATM machine. And perhaps one of the biggest benefits, It has a 100% approval rating as it does not require a credit check.

In many cases a prepaid card can be safer and more convenient to carry than cash. If you’re traveling abroad, the Vision Prepaid Visa Card is an ideal substitute for traveler’s checks while traveling abroad. The card is also good for if your child is a student, because it offers you the ability to monitor spending and the spending limit is fixed. This will helps you budget ahead of time, for any expenses.

Applying for a prepaid credit card is similar to applying for a normal credit card. However, before assigning a credit card to a person, his/her credit-worthiness is checked thoroughly. This is done to prevent default on the credit. A prepaid debit card does not require such checking, since the issuer does not extend any credit to the cardholder. Therefore, applying for and acquiring a prepaid card is easier and faster.

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