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What You’ll Be Asked in Your Marriage Interview

As you probably know, when a US citizen living in the US marries a foreign national, the foreign spouse will become a citizen as well. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people have tried to abuse the system over the years, so the United States Government has set up a process by which married couples will have to prove they are married to one another and that their relationship is serious.

The goal of the interview is to ascertain if you and your spouse actually have a romantic relationship with one another, and know the sorts of things that two people in a relationship would know. The government will not prevent a marriage based on love, but they will prevent a marriage they think is being initiated solely for the citizenship benefits. Because of the stress and bureaucratic red tape that go along with these interviews, it can be beneficial to talk to a qualified lawyer beforehand.

The Questions

To determine that you are married to one another, the interviewers will ask you a series of questions about your relationship and your cohabitation. Sometimes they will ask these questions with both you and your spouse in the same room, and sometimes they will split you apart and ask you questions separately to see if your answers match up.

The questions they ask are usually specific and deal with things you would know if you did in fact have a romantic relationship with someone and were living in close enough proximity with him or her to know their habits. Some common questions are:

  • What is your spouse’s birthday?
  • Where did you meet your spouse, and what was that meeting like?
  • When did you start living together?
  • When did you decide to get married?
  • What was the wedding ceremony like? What was your reception like?
  • What is your home like? Where did you purchase your furniture?
  • Where are clean clothes kept in your home? Dirty clothes? Where does your spouse keep his or her clothes?
  • What kind of hygiene products does your spouse use?
  • Who gets the groceries in your marriage? Do you go together? Where and when do you go?
  • What was the last trip you took with your spouse? Where did you go and what did you do?
  • Does your spouse drink coffee? If so, how does he or she take it?

Basically, the interviewer is trying to establish that you and your spouse are familiar with each other’s habits and are not trying to perpetrate a scam.

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