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Where to Meet Chinese Women Seeking Marriage and How to Bring Them to the United States

The question of where to meet Chinese women seeking love and marriage with a U.S. Citizens 10 or 15 years ago would be much harder to answer given the time and cost factor of traveling to China. Today, there are many Chinese personals and dating sites that for the purpose of meeting and building a relationship work much better then flying to China and hoping for the best. Many men from the U.S. including myself have taken the relationship from dating site to marriage with a beautiful Chinese lady. After corresponding with each other over a period of time we both came to realize that we were deeply in love but what next? The Internet had lead me to the woman of my dreams but the next hurdle to cross was understanding the legal paperwork involved in marrying and bringing a Chinese spouse to the United States.

Each year in the United States there are thousands of men going on-line that have learned where to meet Chinese women. With their beautiful looks, femininity and gracefulness they still hold marriage and family to the highest honor. They have been conditioned for centuries by Chinese culture that has placed more value on males then females. Many men in China, especially those who are successful providers feel it is their birth right to have a mistress after marriage. This practice is becoming less acceptable to the modern Chinese woman. They have learned that men from America can be trustworthy and very romantic. This has lead more and more beautiful Chinese women to seek men from the west for love and future happiness. This has all been made possible today with the world-wide web.

Since the problem of where to meet Chinese woman has been solved with the power of the Internet the next step is to gather information on how to marry in China or bring your fiancee to the U.S. for marriage here. There are (2) ways to do this, either through the K1 fiancee visa where as she would marry you in the U.S. or the K3 marriage visa after a marriage in China. The wait times for both are now the same for her to enter the United States but the K3 visa has a shorter time for her to receive a green card and a few hundred dollars less in fees.

After learning where to meet Chinese women seeking a loving marriage to a U.S. Citizen the next step for me was to marry in China. This turned out to be the most rewarding journey of my life. Thanks to the Internet it is easy to connect with others where you can learn the differences between the K1 and K3 visas and the legal process for filing your own paperwork.

Don’t let confusion over forms, documents, and paperwork stop you from having the lady of your dreams. When you take the time to discover all the Chinese dating sites and where to meet Chinese women the next step will be up to you. With a little research and information you may find yourself stepping on an airplane to meet the love of your life with the knowledge you have others to turn to for help.

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