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Who Qualifies For Green Card Sponsorship?

Who qualifies for Green card sponsorship? Well the U.S. government or the USCIS has made certain laws for the qualification of sponsorship of certain groups of people from coming different aspects. The first thing to know is the segments and divisions in which the sponsorship is divided. It is for employment bases, for family bases, for relative bases, for investment bases, etc. In the same way from the sponsored side, it is necessary for him to be legally proved ethical plus, is able to meet his expenses on his own. The other very important thing required is the official evidence of the claim of the sponsor.

For a family sponsorship, those who can qualify as immigrants are:

• Parents can be sponsored by the 21+ U.S. nationals’ child/children.

• Married child/children of any age can be sponsored by parents who are U.S. nationals.

• Brother/sister can be sponsored by the respective siblings who are 21+ U.S. nationals’.

• Unmarried children of any age of U.S. nationals parents.

• Spouse (wife/husband) can be sponsored by any one of them.

In the same way for labor scholarships, you may require the letter of sponsorship from the U.S. organization.

As an employer, you have to ensure the need of your presence through an official document.

And for an investor, the current bank balance along with eligibility of investing in U.S.

Thus, the main consideration is based on the proof of the official letter, which is the constituent of the qualification of the sponsorship. Moreover, it is to be noted that Green card sponsorship is a two way process. One can not be sponsored until the U.S. national is capable of supporting the sponsored relative at 125% of the standard and assigned poverty line. He is also required to prove that he is a respectable U.S. citizen and enjoys a good standard and place where he lives.

Hence, getting the residence card or becoming U.S. immigrant through sponsorship requires a whole different procedure of formalities. The most considerable thing in this case is that the application is not taken into account by the authorities once the proofs are either invalid or unable to meet the requirements of the USCIS. Thus, proper and professional attorney is to be hired who can explain the procedure from getting application from relatives in the U.S. till getting formalities done in immigrant consulates.

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