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When someone wants to move around the United States, and they come from a foreign country they are considered an “alien” until they obtain some sort of visa. Most people will come to work in the USA or to vacation.

A visa is a way that the United States is able to keep track of people who are foreigners as they come into the country. Since the Homeland Security Act has tightened the borders it is very important for anyone traveling the United States to be a legal alien.

Those people who work within the boundaries of the United States will need a non-immigration visa. This simply says that you are only going to stay within the United States for your job and that you are not coming as an emigrant at this time. If you are someone who has a specialty in a specific area, that can be used in the United States, you will obtain one of these work in USA visas.

Each year there are 65,000 USA visas that are issued for professions that can help the American economy. The work visas are issued for up to three years and can be extended if necessary. Each person will need a sponsor in order to be in the country so an employer who needs their skills is usually the one who is responsible for this sponsorship.

Generally speaking these non-immigration visas are only for people who want to work in USA temporarily. Usually these apply to people who work in computers, those who are doctors or nurses, some scientists and some financial analysts. These are all people who have skills that the United States can use.

In addition to the credential, these professions must also carry a bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree or have significant work experience showing that they have the expertise that a degree would give them. After the six years some people decide they want to become permanent residents and they must apply for a permanent resident visa.

When an individual decides that they want to become a permanent resident the best thing to do is talk to the employer that sponsored them in the first place. This is how a permanent resident visa is secured quickly. They can vouch for the fact that you have already been in the United States doing a good job and being a model citizen.

If for some reason the employer is unable to help you further your interest in staying in the United States the Green Card Lottery is another option. The best idea is to apply for it within the first three years that you are in the U.S. if you are interested because this process takes a couple years. In other words, if you apply in 2009 you will be applying for the 2011 Lottery.

At any cost the best idea is to always follow the rule of immigration so that you are not in the U.S. illegally. When you want to work in the USA it is essential to be seen in the best light possible and working or living illegally will cause many problems if the United States finds out about it.

An employer may know of someone else who could sponsor you so it is a good idea to ask them for their advice. This will make sure that you are doing the right things for your future. After becoming a permanent resident many people apply for citizenship because it gives them more privileges. This is another step in the process of work in USA and one that opens up a world of freedom.

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