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Our Guarantee and Refund Policy

Our 100% Success Rate

We take pride in our work and our 100% success rate.  We achieve this by submitting accurate visa applications for our clients.  If for any reason your visa is denied, it is most likely not our fault but because of one of the following reasons:

• Misrepresented documents submitted along with application.
• Changes or findings of insufficient income of the US Citizen sponsor.
• Filipino Fiancee or Spouse cannot obtain written consent from the ex-husband for their child to leave the country.
• It was found that the couple hasn’t spent enough time together in person.
• US Immigration determines there is a lack of sufficient evidence of a relationship.
• Filipino Fiancee interviews poorly and the US consul doubts that there is a bona-fide relationship with the US Citizen.
• Filipino Fiancee has relatives or friends in the US who seem to be taking too large a role in match-making.
• Filipino Fiancee or Spouse was previously in the US and overstayed the Visa.
• The US Citizen has previously sponsored a foreign national for a Green Card and the US Citizen cannot prove that the sponsored citizen maintained lawful status.
• It is found that the Filipino Fiancee or Spouse has a criminal record.
• Filipino Fiancee or Spouse commits a misrepresentation during the interview.
• Petition included a document that is later deemed to be fraudulent.
• Filipino Fiancee or Spouse develops medical problems.

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We will refund a 100% of any money you sent to US if found we made a mistake on your visa application that resulted in your visa petition being denied by the US Government.

We DO NOT offer refunds for any of the following reasons:

  • The US Government denies your visa for any reason other than stated above.  Also note that the US Government will not refund their fees if you are denied.
  • You changed your mind.
  • You broke up with your Fiance(e) or had an argument with your spouse.
  • If your visa waiver request is denied.  The US Government grants waivers at their discretion and it has nothing to do with US.
  • If 1 year passes from the date you purchased our visa processing package, a $175 reinstatement fee will be collected to resume your visa application.  A $250 reinstatement fee will be collected for anything over 2 years.
  • If you alter any paperwork that we create that results in your visa denial.
  • If you are related to your Fiance(e) and results in your visa denial.
  • If you lied on your visa application or did anything to cause your visa to be denied.

All requests for refunds must be in writing and must include the certified letter showing the reason why your visa was denied from the US Embassy.  We will not accept any refund requests by email or by phone.  Contact US for questions or to ask for details on where to send your refund request and supporting documents.  Refunds will be processed within 30 days from date of receipt of your refund request.

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