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Expat Moving to Philippines HelpPhilippines Expat Relocation Assistance – Thinking of relocating?

We can help you find a great place to live and get settled quickly.

  • We can arrange all your travel needs with discounted airfare and hotels
  • Meet you at the airport and take you to your hotelRelocate to Philippines
  • Show you around so you get acquainted to your new environment
  • And provide complete assistance in getting settled in the Philippines

When thinking of moving to the Philippines, there are many things to consider.  The most worrying is where to live and how to get settled.

We can help you find the perfect place to live and get you settled without the fear of the unknown.

PalmWhy the Philippines?

The number one reason is the low cost of living.  Many people come to live in the Philippines because it’s considered very inexpensive to live.  For example many live in the Philippines on less than $1000USD a month!  Plus the beauty of the Philippines is why people come.  There are many great places to explore and you’ll never run out of things to do.

PalmWhere will I live?  Do I Buy or Rent?

Many come to rent, but some want to have their own property to buy. There are some options in the Philippines to own property, but the rules are different and ever changing.  We can assist you in making the right  decision whether you decide to buy or rent.

PalmWhere will I shop and eat? Where to put my money?

The Philippines has many great places to shop and eat.  Some of the world’s largest malls are here and you’ll have no problem finding great places to eat.  You can also put your money in one of the top Philippine banks that are just as secure as where you come from.

PalmWhat about Health and Dental Care?

The overall majority of people moving to the Philippines generally are over 40 so you want good health care.  There are really good hospitals and clinics all over the Philippines that are cheap and you really don’t need insurance. There are also very good good dentists here.  There is even a VA Clinic for US Veterans located in Manila.

PalmShould We Live Close to Her Family or Not?

Some expats coming here are ready to get married and wonder where to settled. You can settle anywhere, but usually the Filipina will want to live near her family.  You have to decide if being too close is a good thing.  It all depends upon her family, but you should consider this carefully before making that decision.

PalmPlanning to Move Your Family to the Philippines?

If you are already married and planning to bring your family to the Philippines, you have some things to consider.  Some places are not so good to live for a family, but there are good places with good schools for the children.  We can help you select the best place to raise your family.

PalmWill I be in Culture Shock?

It is inevitable that you will experience culture shock to a varying degree.  The Philippines is considered a third world country, so be ready for that, but this county has some of the largest malls in the world and some of the best foods, plus they have the friendliest people.  You will get used to the Philippines very quickly.

Philippines Relocation Services

We can help you get settled quickly in the Philippines and make your relocation process trouble-free.  Here is a list of our relocation services…

Smile With VisapoAirfare Discounts

We can help you get discounted airfare to the Philippines, then pick you up at the airport to take you to your hotel.

Smile With VisapoHotel Discounts

We can offer discount room rates for all the hotels and beach resorts located in the Philippines.

Smile With VisapoLocal Transportation Assistance

We can first pick you up at the airport and get you to your hotel, then we can arrange your daily transportation.  You can either have a personal driver, use taxi service or find a car to purchase.  We can help you to make sure your vehicle is “legally” transferred to your name at the Philippine’s Land Transportation Office.

Smile With VisapoDriver’s License, Vehicle Registration and Insurance Assistance

We can help you in getting a Philippines Driver’s License and if you decide to purchase a car we can arrange your vehicle registration and insurance.

Smile With VisapoHouse or Apartment Locator

We are property location specialists and can help you find a great place to live in the Philippines.  You can choose to rent or if you intend to purchase, we can show you many properties that fit your needs and budget.

Smile With VisapoUtilities Turn On Assistance

Many times rental property will have the electric and water service in the landlord’s name and you just pay your portion of the monthly bill.  Other services like home telephone, internet and cable TV, need to be turned on by the tenant.  We can can help you get all those services turned on for you.

Smile With VisapoBank Assistance

Setting up a bank account in the Philippines is fairly easy.  Basically you need your passport and an initial deposit, but we can assist you in finding the right bank that suits your needs.

Smile With VisapoSecure Storage

If you need a place to store your things while looking for a place to live, we have temporary storage space available for you in Cebu and Manila.

Smile With VisapoLocal Language Classes

If your are interested in learning Tagalog or the local dialect, what better way than to learn from a local?  We can arrange group or private language tutoring classes.

Smile With VisapoSightseeing and Local Area Familiarization Tours

Want to learn more about the Philippines?  We can arrange individual and group tours to some of the Philippines hottest tourist destinations.

Smile With VisapoDining and Shopping Tours

We can show you around and tour you to the best places to eat and shop.  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable in your new surroundings.

Smile With VisapoSocial and Nightlife Experiences

There are many great things see and do in the Philippines.  We can help you meet new friends and accompany you to some of the hottest social and nightlife locations.

Our Relocation Assistance Fees

We offer our relocation services to help you get settled quickly.  We can provide full assistance or just help you with certain things.  Our fees are very affordable.  Simply contact US below to find out more.

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