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Philippines Storage

Philippines Safe Storage

Safe Philippines Storage

We offer dry, safe, and secure storage to visitors and expats in the Philippines!

  • DryPhilippines Storage Facilities
  • Clean
  • Safe
  • 24/7 Security
  • Great for when exploring the Philippines and needing to store some stuff
  • Have too much junk?  Store it!

Dry Safe Storage

Need a place to store stuff, but don’t know where?

Philippines Secure Safe StorageIf you need a place to store things while you are out and about exploring the Philippines and Asia, we have storage space available for you in Cebu and Manila.  They are dry, secure, lighted, and with 24/7 security.  Contact US below for details.


Philippines Storage

Our Storage Fees

We offer convenient storage facilities in Manila and Cebu.  We charge a weekly rate of 1000 Pesos.  Explore the Philippines and know your belongings are safely stored with US.  Simply contact US below to find out more.

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